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 NcommonCommon classes
 NcrsCRS (coordinate reference system = coordinate system with a datum)
 NcsCoordinate systems and their axis
 NdatumDatum (the relationship of a coordinate system to the body)
 NioI/O classes
 NmetadataCommon classes from ISO 19115 (Metadata) standard
 NoperationCoordinate operations (relationship between any two coordinate reference systems)
 NutilA set of base types from ISO 19103, GeoAPI and other PROJ specific classes
 CPJ_OBJOpaque object representing a Ellipsoid, Datum, CRS or Coordinate Operation. Should be used by at most one thread at a time
 CPJ_OPERATION_FACTORY_CONTEXTOpaque object representing an operation factory context
 CPJ_OPERATION_RESULTOpaque object representing a set of operation results